Look Cycle Keo Dual Mode Essential Power Meter Pedals Black, One Size

Look Cycle Keo Dual Mode Essential Power Meter Pedals Black, One Size

Look Cycle Keo Dual Mode Essential Power Meter Pedals Black, One Size

  • Material: [body]injected carbon, [axle] stainless steel
  • Float: [adjustable spring] 9 – 15
  • Cleats: Keo Grip – Grey (included)
  • Compatible Components: Look Keo cleats
  • Claimed Weight: [pedal, single] 170 g

From stem-gazing professionals to weekend warriors, power data has become a must for virtually any cyclist who takes their training seriously. Installing and maintaining a power meter can also be a huge pain in the ass. Look Cycles takes care of that with its Keo Dual Mode Essential Power Meter Pedals, a pedal-based power system that any cyclist can install and that recharges so you don’t have to mail it in to the manufacturer to have the battery changed. And since installation is as easy as swapping pedals, the Keo Power Meter Pedals are a one-meter solution that follows you from crit sled to climbing bike to TT machine. Compared to the Regular Power Meter Pedals, the Essential model featured here takes power info from a single side. This makes it both lighter and less expensive, though it does mean that the data gathered may be less accurate than if it were reading power from both pedals simultaneously. The power meter-equipped pedal’s spindle incorporates a transmitter pod, which broadcasts data collected by eight strain gauges tucked inside the pedal’s axle. This design measures power output at a claimed accuracy of +/-2%, putting it in the same percentage range as most other power meters. In addition to gathering power data, the Keo Power Meter Pedals also read cadence and determine pedaling efficiency by looking for dead spots and pedal rotation consistency, helping the aspirational racer address the hobgoblins of pedal stroke mechanics. In a world where marginal gains matter, being able to analyze your pedal stroke and correct inefficiencies is an easy way to gain a few precious watts, which could in turn be the difference between an inconspicuous mid-pack finish and raising your arms in the podium photo. Aesthetically, the Keo Power Meter Pedal mimics the standard Keo very closely, with an injected carbon pedal body, a wide platform for a confident connection, and a protective stainless steel plate. The pedal does take on a slightly beefier side profil…

List Price: $ 774.64


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